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PowerRack: Residential

Faster Payback | No Nuts, No Bolts | 100% U.S.

Made 🇺🇸

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Solar Energy

Join the future of residential solar power with PowerField Energy’s PowerRack.

PowerRack is a revolutionary, ground-mounted solar racking system that simplifies residential solar projects by requiring no assembly, reducing construction cost, and expediting timelines.

Unlock more power potential with PowerRack: a hassle-free, cost-effective, and efficient way to power your home.

Other Installations: $0.40/W*

Other Installations: $0.40/W*

Other Installations: $0.40/W*

PowerField: $0.15/W or less*

PowerField: $0.15/W or less*

PowerField: $0.15/W or less*

*Costs include racking material, installation of racking, and installation of modules. Estimate based on reported industry average installation quotes and times.

Lower Install Costs =
Faster Payback

PowerRack offers the lowest mechanical installation cost of any solar racking option on the market today.

Better yet, with PowerRack, homeowners can maximize their ROI by breaking free from the constraints of limited roof space. 

Fast, Easy Installation

Say goodbye to construction teams, countless metal parts, and drawn-out installation processes.

PowerRack requires no assembly. In mere minutes, your solar power system is ready to get connected.


Made-In-America Tax Credit

PowerRack is proudly 100% made & manufactured in the United States. 

PowerRack supports American industry while helping residents qualify for additional federal and state tax credits under the IRA*

*PowerField Energy is not responsible for tax credit qualification; please consult a tax professional for advice regarding specific tax incentives.

End-to-End Sustainability

PowerRack is the only solar racking system on the market that is fully recyclable at end of life (40+ years), helping residents and installers reach sustainability goals even faster.

Low Profile & Durable

Made from long-lasting and UV/weather-resistant high density polyethylene, PowerRack’s low position to the ground results in higher resistance to wind (tested up to 120mph) and thrives in extreme weather conditions.

PowerRack systems also blend seamlessly into existing landscapes.

DIY  Friendly

PowerRack is user-friendly and can be deployed by almost anyone, from homeowners to community volunteers. 

Maintenance is equally straightforward, eliminating the need to climb onto your roof to access your system.

“I installed a 7.8kW complete system as a single person with these racks. PowerRack stands behind their products!”

Scott W. | Homeowner

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