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PowerRack: Utility Solar

Lower cost per watt | Non-Ground-Penetrating | 100% U.S. Made ūüáļūüáł

Cut Installation Costs By 20% +

PowerField Energy’s PowerRack is a 100% American-made ground mounted solar rack that simplifies, accelerates, and lowers costs for utility-scale solar projects. 

PowerRack is a non-ground penetrating system that is rapidly installed without tools or concrete, helping developers avoid costly site prep and geotechnical analysis.

Get a higher return on your utility solar projects – ahead of schedule – with PowerRack.

Other Installations: $0.40/W*

Other Installations: $0.40/W*

Other Installations: $0.40/W*

PowerField: $0.15/W or less*

PowerField: $0.15/W or less*

PowerField: $0.15/W or less*

*Costs include racking material, installation of racking, and installation of modules. Estimate based on reported industry average installation quotes and times.

Eliminate Unnecessary Spending

PowerRack offers the lowest mechanical installation cost of any solar racking option on the market today.

Zero spend on:
  • Digging
  • Concrete
  • Geotechnical analysis
 Reduced spend on:
  • Labor Hours
  • Permitting

Shorter Project Timelines

PowerRack requires zero assembly and is installed in a fraction of the time of other solar racking systems and trackers. 

Fewer labor hours = lower overall cost.

PowerRack’s non-penetrating design also means developers skip time-consuming geotechnical analysis and speed through¬†permitting¬†processes.

Made-In-America Tax Credit

PowerRack is proudly 100% made & manufactured in the United States. 

PowerRack supports American industry while helping projects qualify for additional federal and state tax credits under the IRA*

*PowerField Energy is not responsible for tax credit qualification; please consult a tax professional for advice regarding specific tax incentives.

The Best Option for Any Terrain

PowerRack makes it possible to install solar systems on almost any kind of land.

Because PowerRack systems sit on top of the ground rather than penetrating it, they can be installed effortlessly onto grass, dirt, rock, sand and beyond.

PowerRack is the best solution for landfills, septic sites, or other types of brownfields that would typically require extensive geotechnical analysis.

End-to-End Sustainability

PowerRack is the only solar racking system on the market that is fully recyclable at end of life (40+ years), helping installers reach sustainability goals even faster.

Low Maintenance & Durable

Made from long-lasting and UV/weather-resistant high density polyethylene, PowerRack compromises nothing on durability.

PowerRack’s low position to the ground results in higher resistance to wind (tested up to 120mph) and thrives in¬†extreme weather conditions.

No Technical Labor Needed

PowerRack can be deployed by almost anyone, including community volunteers and local laborers. 

The rack is simple to install and deployable in a fraction of the time of other racks/trackers. 

Local ballast material is used to anchor the racks, and modules are mounted using just 2 included clips‚Ästno tools necessary.

Infinitely Scalable

PowerRack is designed to grow effortlessly. As energy needs expand, our systems can scale limitlessly. 

If needed, PowerRack systems can be relocated with ease.

Have questions? We’re here to help.